Frontend Development

We work with design, digital, and advertising agencies to convert their designs – usually photoshop or AI mockups – to functional frontends.

Cross Platform mobile apps

We build mobile apps made using HTML/CSS and javascript frameworks. Right now we’re big fans of Ionic – the framework that uses Angular and PhoneGap. These apps work on both iOS and Android using the same code base.

This involves consuming the APIs built by the backend teams. We’ll make sure the app is ready to for launch on the App store and Play Store.

Website/web app frontends

This is when we convert PSD or AI files to functional HTML/CSS and JS. We make sure that these are pixel perfect representations of the design. While making sure that these work across devices(phones and tablets) and browsers.

We’ve historically supported enterprise requirements of legacy browsers as well. For web applications, we consult with the backend teams and provide custom solutions, whether it’s doing legacy library support (hello older bootstrap versions), or it means consuming APIs, we’ve done it.

Some application frameworks require integration of the frontend and backend. In that case, we fix integration bugs that inevitably come up from the design handling real data.

Custom WordPress Themes

For websites that require basic content management, we build out custom WordPress themes. We add the content the first time around and then hand over the site to the client so that an internal team can manage the content addition.


We have maintenance retainers with some of our clients, for their websites as well as for their web and mobile application frontends. We take care of feature updates while coordinating with the SEO and content teams.


We’ve built a Slack bot called Kelasa to improve productivity on the workfront project management tool. This is built on the NodeJS powered botkit framework.